Entertainment area for deluxe Neo Classic villa is essential for a modern and convenient lifestyle. Luxurious design and convenient space are the matters that a lot of house owners concern about. Carefully decorated furniture brings unique architectural and living space values. 

Despite functional rooms like the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and entertainment area in a villa design, it plays a crucial role in experiencing a modern lifestyle. It helps materialise the need to entertain and relax. Specifically, it also brings comfort for the family in their own home.

Examples of Neoclassical villas with Entertainment Area

An entertainment room is a place for your recreation activities or hobbies. This area will be where you relieve stress and fatigue. So, interior design for an entertainment area of a villa needs to satisfy some conditions.


A minibar for you to greet the guest or just simply enjoy it with your family? There is no idea better than that. A separate room for the bar will reduce the cleaning work, and the decoration will be consistent. Moreover, it will not disturb other family members. 

Modern and unique details in the design 

The tables and chairs have four different styles yet fit in with the surroundings entertainment area for deluxe Neo Classic villa.

Thiet_ke_biet_thu_don_lap_phu_my_hung_neo classic
Thiet_ke_biet_thu_don_lap_phu_my_hung_neo classic
Thiet_ke_biet_thu_don_lap_phu_my_hung_neo classic
Thiet_ke_biet_thu_don_lap_phu_my_hung_neo classic

The place for an entertainment area must be noise-free in order not to interfere with other sites. Then the entertainment area should be somewhere separate in the villa. For example, it can be on the highest floor, the basement, or has soundproof walls.

Furniture decorations for the entertainment area

A wide-screen TV will be the choice of many house owners for the entertainment area.  Although a big flat-screen television is also put in other villa rooms, a wide-screen one with a lively stereo system is necessary.

Not only can you watch movies on the screen, but you can also sing karaoke or play games on this wide-screen.

Neoclassical room design ideas

The entertainment area in a Neoclassical villa is where you can do your favourite activities. Of course, these activities will not occupy much of the total space, for example, darts, billiards, or ping-pong. Moreover, the entertainment area should have soundproof materials. A noise-free space will make you and your family members more comfortable, but it will not bother other members in the house.

Thiết kế Nội thất cao cấp Quận 2

Decorating with rough or coarse walls will increase the effectiveness of soundproofing this entertainment area.

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