“Should we build a villa in the rainy season?” is the question that many villa owners are interested in. Many people think that choosing the time of commmity is the task of the feng shui master. However, it is a completely wrong view. Choosing the right time to build your home is your own decision. In addition to the factors of economic conditions, paperwork,… Then the weather is an important factor affecting the time as well as the construction process.

Build a villa in the rainy season: What materials to keep in mind?

From the point of view of many, making a house in the dry and sunny season will be better in the rainy season. However, this is often the right time to build. Especially when the landlord wants to receive the home and settle down at the beginning of the new year. So what to do? Here are the experiences of building a rainy season villa that you can refer to!

Wall paint

Building villas in the rainy season, the most important thing is waterproofing when painting walls. The choice of materials and colors waterproofing effectively when building villas is extremely difficult. It is recommended to choose reputable paints of high quality and moisture resistance, easy to clean and dust-free.


Brick is the next important material to pay attention to when constructing the villa in the rainy season. Therefore the selection needs to pay special attention. The quality of bricks often depends on the corners of the brickwork. Angular lines need to be clear, the color is evenly different, the brick body does not puncture holes or cracks.

A really quality brick when falling from a height of 1m will not break. At the same time, when typing bricks against each other, you will hear a definitive echo.

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In increasing the strength of the construction of the villa in the rainy season, stone is an indispensable material. Concrete mixing stone reinforcement must be clean of impurities. It is recommended to choose the type of cube, less flattened and pure grain.

Sand and cement

In addition to bricks, sand is an equally important material. Take a handful of sand up and release it, if it contains clay and dirty hotel you will see dirty mud stuck in the palm of your hand. It is recommended to choose a different type of sand, or clean the sand so as not to affect the quality of the work.


Xem Dự Án

Besides, cement is the component that binds sand, stone and water components to create the structure of the building. It is recommended to choose cement produced by quality brands and have a reputation for many years. Especially when building a villa in the rainy season, you need to preserve the cement bags thoroughly. Absolutely do not let cement get rained and waterproof.

Build a villa in the rainy season: The process and important things to remember

What most often worries homeowners when constructing the rainy season is pouring concrete and it rains again. Therefore, in order to prevent problems, the package construction company needs to pay attention to the following issues.


The most important thing is that you need to prepare the necessary items when it rains. For example, drainage and consumption systems, as well as shielding before and during construction. This stage will be a lot easier to do than the treatment of neon-soaked concrete.

Pre-position the steel mesh at the stop side positions when constructing the concrete layer first. Use adhesive additives so that the circuit stops adding firmly.

While raining

If the rain is small, the precipitation is low, you can continue to build the villa in the rainy season if pouring concrete beams. However, it is necessary to cover the face carefully, avoiding rain causing the pitting of concrete surfaces. At the same time, limit the difference in the ratio of cement/water to not affect the strength, quality, and structure of concrete.

If the rain is heavy, it should be suspended, covering the entire area and only construction after heavy rain. Remember to treat the circuit to stop reasonable for water to drain, without adversely affecting the bearing capacity and structure of the building.

At the same time, the circuit stops needing careful attention. So that the concrete layer has been poured and the new layer done after the rain can stick completely together.


After the rain

Remember to clean, fray the surface to increase the adhesion when building a villa in the rainy season. At the same time chisel all the parts that are not of quality. Then evenly water the cement water on the surface of the old concrete layer before pouring the new layer.

It is necessary to thoroughly check the quality of the works. Then continue to carry out the construction as planned.
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